Sunday, July 1, 2012

JULY 1st ~ New Day for Community Board One


The local Community Board One has a new administration and their terms start today. All new folks who I am sure will do a great job for the community: Catherine Hughes Chairperson, Anthony Notaro Vice Chairperson, John Fratta Treasurer, Adam Malitz Secretary, and Dennis Gault Asst Secretary.
Pictured above is Catherine Hughes, who chaired the WTC Committee and advocated for the community on many issues, including the Zadroga Bill, which included hundreds of visits to Washington DC to lobby on behalf of the community. 
youtube link on Zadroga Bill 

This image above is of the former Community Board Chair Julie Menin. It was drawn during a meeting where the fate of the Fulton Street Transit Center was unclear in 2009. Now it is on schedule to be completed by 2014.
story link

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