Friday, August 23, 2013

Chin- Rajkumar Debate

Last night's debate between current Councilmember Margaret Chin and challenger Jennifer Rajkumar-sponsored by the Downtown Express and the Villager- could only be described as chaotic, cacophonous and dare I say at times, somewhat crazy. It showed how divided the district is, 
how divided the issues. At times people from the audience would bark out "liar" when Rajkumar made claims about her record, would boo Chin when discussing  the NYU expansion plans. I don't think anyone in that room had their minds changed. The moderators had trouble controlling the audience and particularly one of the candidates. For a person who typically covers the staid courts, it was a memorable experience, however I am not sure how informative it was. 

Council member Margaret Chin and candidate Jenifer Rajkumar

Below is are recent stories I could find about the candidates in the NYC media,
DNAinfo Chin Danny Chen story
NY Daily News Chin Counterfeit Bill story
NY Post Chin Counterfeit Bill story

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