Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Typically this blog is for downtown items, but for the holidays the focus is the famous Wollman Rink 
with a typical NYC winter image; skaters practicing on the open air rink. The team is Central Park Ice and they are a synchronized skating team. The team is relatively new and growing in size and stature; collecting more medals every year. To see the team in action, click on this link.
Something relatively unique for NYC. 
Just another little interesting  piece of the city. 
Happy Holidays!!


Central Park Ice at Wollman Rink

News and video links

Thursday, November 28, 2013


Battery Park has many things, its own conservancy,  a  restaurant, the ferry boat launch to the Statue of Liberty, a number of memorials, Castle Clinton ( that was once a military fort, beer garden, exhibition hall, theater, public aquarium, and finally today a national monument) and a turkey named Zelda. She is a somewhat famous character in Lower Manhattan with her own Wikipedia page:

She has lived almost 10 years in Battery Park. 
During her stay she has taken several day trips as far as Tribeca and Greenwich Village. 
Just another special aspect of Lower Manhattan. 
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

911 Never Forget.....

Today marks 12 years since the attack; it is a time for remembrance.
My colleague Aggie Kenny drew this poignant portrait of the cross,
that was created in the destruction of that day.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Gus, the Central Park Zoo Polar Bear, Is Dead - Lenox Hill - New York

Gus, the Central Park Zoo Polar Bear, Is Dead - Lenox Hill - New York
Normally I do not post things about "uptown" news on this blog but due to today's news that Gus, the beloved Polar Bear from the Central Park Zoo died, I made an exception.
25 years ago I was hired by the New York Times to do a series of drawings about New York City for the Metropolitan Diary section. During the assignment I wandered about the city looking for key scenes; scenes that were quintessentially New York, and Gus the Polar Bear fit that bill.
Here he is sunning himself on the rocks at the Central Park Zoo.  I spent several days at the zoo and the bear always had a crowd of fans, pointing, photographing, oohing and aahing over him. He was quite the popular bear,
it is sad to see him go.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

New York Times Endorsements, Squadron and Brewer

Once in a while I get a nice shot of a few politicians who support and represent downtown, and here are several who were endorsed by the New York Times.
New York Times endorsement link
 The Gail Brewer watercolor was done during a Robin Forst fundraiser. Robin is running for district leader of Lower Manhattan. It was nice to see an elected official from uptown show interest in our downtown area, the race for our district leader and Robin Forst.  Gail Brewer seeks the Manhattan Boro President office.  The Squadron/Stringer/Maloney illustration was drawn during Squadron's swearing-in ceremony on January 25th 2009, in the depths of our economic nadir. Thankfully things have improved and Senator Squadron has had success during  his first term in Albany representing Lower Manhattan. He has been a vocal advocate for downtown and now seeks the Public Advocate office.

Council member Gail Brewer endorsed by the
NY Times for Manhattan Boro President
State Senator Daniel Squadron and Scott Stringer
both endorsed by the NY Times

Friday, August 23, 2013

Chin- Rajkumar Debate

Last night's debate between current Councilmember Margaret Chin and challenger Jennifer Rajkumar-sponsored by the Downtown Express and the Villager- could only be described as chaotic, cacophonous and dare I say at times, somewhat crazy. It showed how divided the district is, 
how divided the issues. At times people from the audience would bark out "liar" when Rajkumar made claims about her record, would boo Chin when discussing  the NYU expansion plans. I don't think anyone in that room had their minds changed. The moderators had trouble controlling the audience and particularly one of the candidates. For a person who typically covers the staid courts, it was a memorable experience, however I am not sure how informative it was. 

Council member Margaret Chin and candidate Jenifer Rajkumar

Below is are recent stories I could find about the candidates in the NYC media,
DNAinfo Chin Danny Chen story
NY Daily News Chin Counterfeit Bill story
NY Post Chin Counterfeit Bill story

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Liz Berger

Liz Berger 1960-2013
I knew Liz Berger for almost 15 years. Our daughters were part of the first class at Downtown Little School. Liz was always a dynamic presence. She battled cancer in 2003 and won the fight, then yesterday, almost exactly 10 years later, sadly she passed away.  As the Downtown Alliance President she forged many novel ideas about the development of downtown, and promoted downtown in numerous ways.  Also Liz always looked fabulous. Every time I would see her, notice her wonderful shoes; she had so many great ones.
Below is one of the drawings I was able to capture of her great shoes. I think these are the Pancaldi pair from about 1987, still looking fabulous.
Liz leaves me with 4 thoughts about how she lived life,

  1. Live your life to the fullest
  2. Set your standards high
  3. Leave your mark
  4. and, always wear good shoes.

Monday, July 1, 2013


Monday, July 1st  at Harry's Cafe,  Robin Forst discussed her candidacy for District Leader in Lower Manhattan. The kick off fundraiser event was well attended and numerous political leaders spoke.
Among the attendees were mayoral candidate Bill De Blasio, Council Member Margaret Chin, Council Member and Manhattan Boro President candidate Gail Brewer, former Council Member Alan Gerson and Catherine Mc Vay Hughes, CB 1 Chair. All spoke in support of her and her run for district leader. 

Robin Forst speaking at the event, which was well attended.
She had a command of the issues,
having worked and lived in the community for many years.

Gail Brewer speaking at the event,
in support of Robin Forst

Monday, January 21, 2013


Four years ago the nation was in a very different place. It felt like we were on the precipice of economic disaster.  There was a new president elected, the first black man ever elected to president. I drew this illustration 4 years ago. I recall how very cold it was and I sat on the steps of Federal Hall, where George Washington had been sworn in and watched the swearing in of the new president. 

It was so cold, that my fingers eventually had trouble moving. So I stopped and watched.
There was a crowd of school kids seated with me, they were enthralled with the scene.