Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Liz Berger

Liz Berger 1960-2013
I knew Liz Berger for almost 15 years. Our daughters were part of the first class at Downtown Little School. Liz was always a dynamic presence. She battled cancer in 2003 and won the fight, then yesterday, almost exactly 10 years later, sadly she passed away.  As the Downtown Alliance President she forged many novel ideas about the development of downtown, and promoted downtown in numerous ways.  Also Liz always looked fabulous. Every time I would see her, notice her wonderful shoes; she had so many great ones.
Below is one of the drawings I was able to capture of her great shoes. I think these are the Pancaldi pair from about 1987, still looking fabulous.
Liz leaves me with 4 thoughts about how she lived life,

  1. Live your life to the fullest
  2. Set your standards high
  3. Leave your mark
  4. and, always wear good shoes.

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